Growth is always the big issue here in St. George and the surrounding communities.

Growth and planning, or the lack thereof, are the main issues that face the city council. Growth of the city and the surrounding communities made it possible for me and my family and many others to return home to live and raise our families. I do not believe that now that I am here we should lock the door and throw away the key. However, we must manage the growth to make sure we do not destroy what makes this such a great place to live. Issues surrounding growth and planning are some of the toughest issues that are faced by the city council. 

I believe strongly in private property rights. Private property rights are the foundation of a free society. Sometimes these property rights are conflicting between people who want to use their property in different ways.In these cases the input of the people involved is critical. We must work together to find the best possible solution.I promise to listen to all view points when elected to the city council. 



In today's economic climate it is unclear what we are headed for in regards to budget problems. I am optimistic about the future. We, in America and right here in our city, have proved to be resilient. We have proved time and again that if we are left free to exercise our entrepreneurial spirit we will overcome. What we must avoid from the Federal Government on down to our city is the tendency to be too strict in our laws and ordinances.

The major portion of our income to run the city comes from sales tax. Hard working people are collecting this tax for the city. The city must be a business friendly city.When business owners have concerns over issues we must listen. As we work to attract new business into the city, this will be crucial. As we work to attract new business and industry to the city, we must not forget those who are already here. I support what has been done by the Washington County Economic Development Council in regards to offering similar incentives to existing business as they do to the new ones we are attracting. This only makes sense.Business is the life blood of our city.As a business owner I understand these concerns.

One tendency of government is to use the slightest sign of recovery as an excuse to spend more. This can not be done. Even in good times elected officials should be looking for ways to spend less and leave more in the pockets of private citizens and private industry.Is the proper role of government to find ways to spend more of your money? I say no. 

Public Safety

This is a top priority.I know personally some of the people who work on our police and fire departments. These are tremendous hard working people who care about the city. They need to have the resources they need to keep our city safe. Growth brings with it the dangers of drugs and gangs. There is a drug problem in St. George.The St. George Police Drug Task Force is working hard on this problem. I personally have seen the progress they are making. We need to continue to have a no tolerance policy for drugs and gangs in our city. We must be involved as citizens in this fight by making the police department aware of problems in our neighborhoods. 

Be actively involved.We must increase our efforts in educating our youth and adults on what to look for and what they can do to help.We cannot afford to wait until the problem becomes out of control.As a father of 5 children, this problem receives my full attention. 

I believe that health and safety are area's that local government is supposed to be involved in and take responsibility. To me, doing nothing, when decisions are being made in regards to what type of ambulance service we have in St. George is not the best policy. I want my elected representatives to make sure we have the best possible service available, not to stay "neutral".

If there is problem with our current service then lets do our duty and say it! Allow them a chance to fix the problem. If concerns are not addressed and problems continue then the right thing to do for our elected officials is to find someone to do it right. If, however, there are no complaints and issues are being addressed then why would we as a city who support "buying local"not support the local company vs. the out of town company? All things being equal we need to support the business owned and operated by a St. George City resident and property owner.

Again if there are problems stand up and say it! That is our duty.